Prayer for our first home

by Lily (Rutherford, Nj)

Dear St. Joseph,

Please intercede on my behalf of my family. We are diligently seeking our first home and the process as been nothing short of disheartening. I pray for a blessing that we find the perfect home for our family to grow and make memories. I pray that the home fits our family needs. I pray that it is on a safe block with caring neighbors. I pray that our financial situation will not be impacted negatively and that we will be able to enjoy the money we work for without being committed to heavy mortgage. I pray to your st joseph because i have seen your powers work before. For that I am forever grateful and devoted. My husband and I dream of the many memories we can create from our children playing in the yard and us hosting the holidays by our fireplace.

Thank you have guiding us on this stressful path. In jesus name, Amen

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