Prayer for Our Family’s Needs

by Aaron (USA)


as long as I have known You,
you have provided for me.
You’ve known me since before my birth,
and given me all I need,
even to my parents
when my needs were not mine to understand.

I am without work;
in need of support for my wife,
and child,
and unborn child.

You know my heart,
You know my situation,
my wrongful termination from work,
my seemingly endless supply of expenses,
my passions,
my strengths and weaknesses,
my love,
and my error.

Will You provide for me now?

Will You prosper me
and financially?

Will You bless me, Lord?

I love You,
and I want to remember
to trust You.

I want those who hate me to see how good You are
and find the only
True Love
in your Son,
the Christ.

Be glorified in me,
and in my family,
and in Your provision for us.

I ask for these things according to
Your Son,
who said to ask for anything in His Name
,and that You would do it.

Thank You for what’s to come.


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