Prayer for Our Family’s Financial Needs

Through a big mistake me and my husband bought a farm which was to provide my husbands income (he’s an agricultural engineer). However, because of the financial climate and mistakes we made we were not able to make a profit. Now we can hardly afford to stay in our house. We have 5 children, of which 3 study and needs our support, 4 of them still live at home. I am so angry and stressed every day when I look at my bank statement with half a million debt and no way in the world to get out of it. Attempts to sell the farm at a reasonable price have failed so far, please pray that someone comes along soon that pays the requested price. We can’t go lower because we have to pay back the debt. We have a friend who is in the same situation, even worse as he also has a farm with 0.7 million debt and 7 small children. He’s also unable to sell. Is there any hope for us except financial default?

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