Prayer for our family

Please let all our family be healthy and safe and live to a ripe old age.

Please heal my grandson who is suffering from chrones disease and give his parents the strength to cope and help then to get him to good health.

Please let my daughter who is expecting her first baby have a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery for her and a healthy baby. Please do not let the religious bigotry of her fianc come between my daughter and our family and make him face up to his responsibilities

Please let my daughter who is getting married next may have a happy faithful marraige this time so she does not get hurt again. Let my oldest daughter think before she speaks to avoid hurting anyone.

Please let my husband be free of all pain and give him the ability to treat myself and out home with love and respect.

Can I please ask for my self the ability to have the strength and courage to look after my family and please restore the confidence I once had in order yo allow me to do my job and be able to pay my way and pay off the mortgage please let my blood results return to Niall and make me pain free.

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