Prayer for Our family


Dear God, please help my marriage and family. We are having such a hard time. I love my husband, but I have started I resent him and be mean because he looks at other women. We have tried therapy and he has not followed through on suggestions our therapist has made. Now I try just to hurt him as much as he has hurted me. We have done ugly things to each other in front of our baby. I don’t believe my husband loves me. If he did he would respect his family. I want our family to work, but it is always in the back of my mind that he lusts after and fantasizes about other women. It makes me feel so lost, unloved, lonely, and bad about myself. Please help our family heal and save this marriage. Please help my husband respect me and to stop looking at other women. Our baby is only a few months old and I want the right thing for him. I love my family, but I feel su full of hurt and pain.

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