Prayer for Our Family and the Owner of Our House

by Nicole (Kountze, Tx)

We got a job transfer from TX to OK and I want to thank the all might God for looking over us when we sold the home we or in now so quickly.

Praying for our new dream home:

St. Joseph we have found the home of our dreams. It is a matter now of the owner accepting our offer to lease purchase for a short period of time.
Please let the owner be able to accept our offer and be happy to give us our second chance to make things right on our credit to purchase our dream home. Please let him know the proposed price is a fair price and we will take this home off his hands and really turn it into something special for our fresh start as a family again. In Jesus name. Amen

St. Joseph, angels, saints and everybody please help and pray for myself, Casey and Jayden to buy our dream house. We have chosen it and it instantly feels like home to us. We need help financially to buy this house. Please pray that our money plans will come through and we can buy our home before anyone else takes it from us. It would bring so much joy and happiness to our family and we could finally have our fresh start to together as a family. Thank you so so much for helping me, im so grateful for everything and bringing this into our lives and bringing our family back together, it’s been a big struggle for a little while now but we have pulled together like soul mates should do. Please God help us get through this one last optical to our happy ending. In Jesus name. Amen

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