Prayer for our family and home.

Lord, you have been our rock and foundation always. Throughout the darkest of moments and seemingly hopeless of times, you blessed, protected and lifted us.

When we felt helpless and unable to carry the heavy burdens of life, you not only took those heavy burdens but carried us also.

Lord I know you have a plan for me and my family. I know you will protect us and continue to smother us in undying love. But yet again I come to you. I stand before you father, as your child. Weak. Tired. Asking for mercy.

Our debt has mounted up. We worry for our home.
You have always provided but we ask lord for a blessing of financial cover. To protect our home. Protect our home my father worked so hard for.
It breaks my heart to see him this anxious, scared and helpless. I’m worried for his health. The amount of stress and how much he has to work is not good for him.

Please comfort him.
Hold our family together. Help our family stick together so we can move forward in the right direction and away from debt and insucurity.
Lord we need a huge blessing!
In your mercy.