Prayer for Our Family and for Freedom from Financial Burden

by Choppie (Pretoria)

Dear God

I need you to help me and my family,It seems there is no way out.We cannot pay for anything,we dont have jobs,the banks and other places wants to take everything back,we cannot pay electricity,and we have kids in school,they are doing good and working hard,but we cannot give them anything,we dont have money to buy food,clothing or petrol,my children are doing sport,but if we dont get a miricle,it all must stop.I even wanted to sell my soul to satan,but i relized that you are our saviour and turned to you God,please help us set everything right,we need you Lord. please provide for us a urgent mirricle ,we beg you dear Lord.
and please help us as we want to immigrate to canada,as so many people do,i believe in you dear Lord thats why i wrote this prayer.
Please dear Lord help us urgently to prevent the end.