Prayer for our daughter, our grandson & her husband

by C (Louisiana)

Please St. Jude help them to see before moving whether they would be making a big mistake and should she see things aren’t different there and wants to come back here, let the husband be the man and not make them stay.

That his parents will not take advantage of them either. Our hearts are heavy with so much concern and worry for them in their quest to move. Please make sure that our daughter and grandson are taken care of and that they will not be put in harms way at all and that the husband will be a good provider for them and not just sit on the sidelines and let others and our daughter do it all.

If they are having trouble in the marriage please let them work things out or go their separate ways without bringing the baby in the middle.

Let them both be sure that they should move away and not just be doing it because he can’t fit in or don’t want to fit in here.

Please watch over them and let my husband and myself feel that this is the right thing for all parties concerned, their moving away.

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