Prayer for Our Daily Bread

by Yolanda (England)

Hello God,

I hope you are not too ashamed of me and how I have lived my life so far. Dear God, you have blessed me with so much, with good health and a wonderful partner to share my life with, so please do not hear my prayer as a whinge!…..I find it so soul destroying that the world is set up so that the common person has their life ruined by lack of money, not money for a Lamborghini and a mansion with swimming pool, but money just to be able to provide for oneself in the knowledge that we have paid for our daily bread…

Dear Lord, please help all of us who live in fear of the post coming through the door, debt collectors knocking so that we hide when the door bell rings…please let us all enjoy the wonderful life that you have given us in the safety and comfort of freedom from financial woes..please hear my prayer.Amen

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  1. Prayer for healing for Gina

    Update on your prayers for Gina. (Re-cap Gina, Stage 4 inoperable brain tumor nursing baby). Gina and husband are flying from Saudi Arabia to UC San Francisco on Friday, and will be met by family to be treated by expert in this tumor. Family will take Gina straight to UC SFO. Their two small children will fly in 2 days later, escorted by a friend.The first miracle is that it is, indeed, UC SFO (closer to family. Would you pray for Gina’s healing, and also that Gina & husband are able to fd a place to live nearby? Thank you! Love & blessings, Lynda

  2. Miracle after your prayers for Gina

    Thank you for your prayers for Gina! God answered with a miracle! Surgeon got 95-98% of Gina’s brain tumor (supposedly inoperable!). Thank you so much! Love & blessings, Lynda

  3. God's Intervention & Healing

    Please pray for my grand-daughter Makenzie, who is four months old. Her doctor mentioned she needs to wear a head helmet due to her flat head issues. We are all very concerned, please pray that God Himself will intervene and help correct the problems. Pray that the flat head problem will not affect her brain development and she will grow up to be a normal healthy individual that will glorify the Lord. Thank you.

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