Prayer for Our Bad Situation

by Melissa ()

Dear GOD, first I wish to thank you for all you have done for me & my family. For always pulling us out before disaster stuck. God, you know the situation in my family with my husbands drinking, the kids, our health, our finances.

Lord, I need to ask you for one of two things. The best thing that could happen is that my husband stop drinking & mend the broken ties with the children & the stress at home be lessened. Lord, if this is not meant to be, I pray Lord for the money necessary for my children & I to be able to survive without him. Lord, to be able to take care of our home & debts & survive on my disability. Lord I Love him, you know I do, but it is only getting worse. Without you there is no hope.

Please Lord, wake him up to what he has to lose if he continues on the road he is on. Lord, I leave this in your hands. Whether we stay together and he gets help for his drinking & temper, or if we are to seperate & I have to care for our home & family alone. Whatever your plan is, I ask you Lord to take care of it. Release the stress & fear my youngest daughter feels. Free her from the nightmares.

Make things right so I can see my grandbaby again. Lord make it right so my debts, my home, my life is whole again. I thank you dear Lord for all you have done & all you will do in my life & the lives of my children. Lord please help my husband. I thank you in advance for that as well. Bless Us all my saviour in ways that only you can. Thank you again Lord. All praise be to you.