Prayer for Opportunity, Direction and Happiness

by Chavalle (Bellingham, WA,USA)

St. Jude please hear my prayer. I am praying to you this evening, as all is feeling hopeless at this time. My life has been a chaotic state and I have been experiencing a great deal of hurt, loss of direction.

My recent break-up and movement of my living situation has left my life more in an uproar than it was before, I am submitting this prayer request in hopes that you will grant me a small miracle.

Please somehow let my instructor accept my assigned work outstanding for my course that had to take the back burner, but was never forgotten and now completed I am fearful of what may happen next, in the course, in my enrollment, in my life. Please grant me the opportunity to be allowed to finish my program.

Please also help me to find employment that will allow me to direct my own path and the financial comfort to do so. Please help me to be strong and to believe in myself and to close myself from anyone who wishes or who is unintentionally doing me harm. Please let me be guided to someone that treats me how I should be treated and the strength to stay clear and away from those that don’t.

Please hear my prayer. Thank you. Amen.

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