Prayer for Open Doors and Opportunities

by Christina (Singapore)

Dear God,

You are our Creator, You provide. I pray that You will grant me that job that I am going for my 2nd interview tomorrow. Its been a long good 7 mths that I hd been in job search, nothing seem possible.

But I have Faith in You that you won’t give Your children stones when they asked for bread. You alone are God, the only One God, all things are possible by You!

Lord, my savings is depleting, I have many financial responsibilities, n upkeeping kids expenses… I cant afford to go into debts. Before all that happens, I sincerely pray that Lord, You open that shut door, allow me to give my best shot for this sunset career due to my age. Allow me to contribute with Your gifted talents in me. Blessed me with this job as I can find fulfillment, joy, peace n enrichment….

Lord, please dont forsake me. I needed You. Let this tough period be another miracle testimony that I cld share w many other non believers.

Thank You Lord, in Jesus precious name, Amen!

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