Prayer for online requesters

Sweet Jesus, I offer You all these people who pray for themselves and for others, that take the time to post online prayer requests. I ask that You have mercy on them and console them while You answer their prayers in the best way for each of them and their loved ones so that their lives will be filled with happiness and love towards You.

Reveal Yourself to them, instill in them a great unbreakable faith to succeed. Bless them and all of those around them. I thank You for Your Holy Blood that you shed for us. I thank You for saving us from death.

I pour Your Precious Sacred Blood upon all of them, upon all those around them, all objects, all environments they are in, upon all my loved ones their property, myself and all that is around me so Your Holy Blood would clean us from sin and save us from trouble, tragedies, worries, dangers, death, temptation, sin and anything that is evil.

Let Your Holy Spirit find comfort in us and rest in us, guiding us and never departing from us. Let Your Divine Blessing always be upon us anywhere and everywhere we go. I love You, I adore You, I praise You, I bless You, I exalt You. I declare You are Holy, I declare You are Powerful. I declare You are Generous.

I declare You are our Provider. I declare You Love us, You Bless us, You fill us with faith, You give us what we want. I declare You are the One who does all things. With You all things are possible. with You I can do all things. You are my strength, You are my guide. You are my God. You are my King, You are my friend.

You will give me what I want, not because I deserve it, not because I believe but because You love me. You love me so much You answer my prayers.
Bless Your Holy Name and thank You for giving me what I want. Amen.