Prayer for Obtaining My Home

by R (Wales, WI)

I pray that I be guided to find a profitable job immediately. A job that will assist me with obtaining the loan to purchase the current home I am living in. I am in need of 30 days of pay stubs to qualify for a loan.

I know that God did not put me here in this home to have me leave. This home has been a blessing and I have come to far to give up our family hub. I pray that swiftly an investor, bank, institution or person step forward and assist me with the deadline of March 31st.

I pray that I will not have to move again and that the current owner of this home that I am longing to buy offers an extension IF I am unable to meet my deadline to purchase the home. Help me to make the right decisions and if it is not your will for me to stay, I pray that you correct me and let me know. Amen

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