prayer for nursing school

by Myiesha (Maryland)

I am a second semester nursing school in great need of prayer for me and my classmates we all at risk for failing and need 85 on our exams..

We study so hard but our program is unorganized and we are being treated unfairly they looking for us to fail.. Sad but true.. But I have faith and god is the caller of my destiny and I pray to move on we have one week and two exams please pray for us we have sacrificed so much.

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  1. persevere, for nursing is a professiional practice of God's hands working through yours

    It is inconceivable that students of nursing would be treated with destructive criticism instead of consructive encouragement. Instructors have a duty and obligation to prepare our next generation of nursing professionals to succeed. Their job is not to demoralize and destroy the caring spirits who are attempting to master the knowledge and skills that are the foundation of a nursing career. It is the student’s time, dedication and financial commitment to receive the most optimal training. As a higher education consumer, they are entitled to the best academic product and service in the market. Instructors who abuse a position of power (i.e. unfair grading systems, obscure test questions) are too insecure to share their advanced credentials, by belittling new learners, diminishing their confidence, risking driving students away from medical carreers. So open your hearts and your educated minds, Instructors: prepare, don’t persecute your pupils.canada

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