prayer for normalcy in my unborn baby

by Wanjiku (Kenya)

please people of God do not ignore this help me in praying for my unborn baby that God make His way.The doctor’s reports say she has hydrocephalus(there is a blockage in here brain and there is excess fluid in her brain that is increasing her head’s size).

I am 8months now but doctors say i wont reach the 9th month and i have to have a ceserian and she will be premature.remember us everytime u pray that God will heal my baby and not bring complications after delivery.pray that i reach the 9month andGod unblocks her brain and all the fluid drained.if there is any evil powers sent to me to terminate my pregnancy may they be scattered and sent to the sender in Jesus name.

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  1. Prayer for baby

    God bless you both, may a miracle blossom in your lives and may your beloved baby be healthy and happy. Amen.

  2. Love and strength

    Sweetie I will prayer for your baby everyday. doctors don’t know everything only God does. My heart aches for your pain.Take good care of yourself and just get through one day at a time. I send you my love and strength.

  3. Congrats on your healthy baby!

    You and your previous baby are in my prayers. I pray that the Lords hand will be on you both and align all the cells in your bodies to perfect working order and you have a text book birth and will be proud to hold a PERFECT baby in your arms to cherish forever.

  4. Don't lose Hope

    My son(however not diagnosed with hydroenchaly )sp,but born prematurely at 28 weeks,is now a precocious,normal 6 year old boy.There was a time at 4 weeks old,he was ‘at deaths door’…Somehow,I prayed to Jesus(thru the intercession of St. Jude) and my son Aidan Jude,pulled thru..I am sending same prayers for you and your daughter.

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