Prayer for Nicholas


Heavenly Father,

The Gospels tell us how you called the children to you.

I pray tonight that You are with baby Nicholas as he undergoes his surgery. I pray that you you give him the strength to endure this trial.

I pray that you lay your hands upon him to leave him healed. I pray that you steady the surgeon’s hand, focus his mind, guide his decisions and make him an inspiration to his team. You gave this world to us and it is not always Your will to intervene but I pray that in this case your will is for this little boy to be healed. I pray that your love and grace can be a comfort to his mum and dad and grandparents whatever Your will. I know that you are a loving and gracious God and that we should have complete faith in You as we do.

I don’t even know this boy Lord, and as I thank you for all the prayers you have already answered for me, I offer all my future prayers if you can just answer this one. But with adoration I accept your will.

This prayer I offer in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen

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