prayer for newlyweds to live in the same state once the sell of our home

by Kaykee (MP, IL, USA)

O holy St. Joe! I request your love, guidance, support, & help of the sale of our home very soon. The matter has become urgent for my husband has been relocated out of state for a new career path to better the future of our family to be (now for a couple of months). I recently lost my job right before the holidays. Unfortunately, my job was helping pay the mortgage here in our 1ST home together as husband and wife. I ask you and our Heavenly Father to protect us during these difficult times. As we have a potential buyer, I ask that you protect them in their decesion process and long travels to their new home. Please assist them in this process so we both can join our families to grow and love the way Jesus showed us. As we know you hold the timeline and wisdom to our destiny, remind us that patience is your work in the process. Amen

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