Prayer for new Job Position

by Rhulani (Johannesburg)

Dear Heavenly Father, i am currently employed but i don’t love my current position, there are open positions for which i can move to within the same company but i cant do it without your help, i need you to open the hearts of those in power to move me so they’ll have interest in me.

Lord i tried everything i could to be moved it just didn’t work, without your involvement everything is so difficult.

Lord i need you today, i know you love me, you always want to see me happy if i can get this position i promise i’ll be more than happy. Amen!!!!

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  1. Prayer for New positon

    Dear heavenly father, you’ve guided me this far in life and given me great strength and guidience lord I ask for a blessing to be placed in a new open positions that would release alot of money burden from me. Lord please if it’s you will and where I’m suppose to be please give the supervisors the wisdom to see I could successfully carry out the position. In Jesus name amen!

  2. new position at work.

    lord, i asked you today to give my supervisors the change of heart to consider me to the new position. you know lord I’ve been struggling with the people i work with for some quite time now. and its take the best of me and i dont want to go thru depression again, i pray that you take me out of that UN-happy place and give me a new opportunity. i thank you lord for everything you’ve given me. if i don’t get it i pray that you still open new doors for me for a different opportunity. i thank you Jesus for every blessing you have given me in my life. Amen <3

  3. claiming this job

    Praying for this job taking care of cancer patients (children) I love children i need more money and with the money i deserve for the expererince that I have so im praying not only will i get the job patient care specialist with out my manager or supervisor blocking me that i get the pay i deserve for the years and hard work i do i know its my job i talked to God about it last week im claiming it its my job Amen Glory to God Amen Nothing is impossible when you trust and believe in God im speaking this position in exsistence and nothing can stop God for blessing me. No weapons formered against me shall prosper. Amen

  4. To be promoted

    My dear lord first all I want to thank you for my job thank you for giving me the a chance to work at Marshalls Jesus I come to you asking now please give a chance to grow for at job to learn more position please let bosses give me chance to be Grow company amen

  5. Amen its very true in the name of jesus Ghrist

    I need you to prayer for me for the new position at our campany seen start working there i am prayer for god to help me plz our father im heaven i belive that you will here my prayer

  6. New Psych Position

    I need change of shift and position. I pray that I am seen and recognized for my ability to work with psych patients. I pray tha I get received for the new position and that all obstacles are removed.

  7. prayer for new position

    Father I pray to you that you give me the words to say during my interview this thursday. Father open the hearts of the supervisors interviewing me. Only you can move me into a new position with more pay at my current place of employment. I know that you have placed this desire to move in my heart and your Word clearly states that you will withhold no good thing from those who Love You. I Love You Lord! I praise your mighty name! Thank you for these and all Blessings! Amen.

  8. Its too stressful

    Lord,please hear my cry and help me. My current position is too stressful and i dont want to leave my company but prayerfully i need a less stressful position. Please hear my cry…

  9. new job for my husband

    we would like everyone to help with this prayer for a new job so that we can move home with our children and grandchildren

  10. new job for my husband

    we would like everyone to help with this prayer for a new job so that we can move home with our children and grandchildren

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