Prayer for new employment

Please pray with me as I ask The Lord for forgiveness. 7 years ago I made a mistake of stealing from a store and I got caught and got what I deserved. I did my 24 hours in jail, community service and of course it is on my record as a misdemeanor. I haven’t stolen since. However, I am in the retail world, have received my bachelors and am pursuing a masters. I have asked for forgiveness several times, however, my background has haunted me in the past. Today I was offered the best position yet, however I am scared that maybe I won’t pass this background check. I am a changed person and not whom I was in 2009. I know that the lord wouldn’t have let this happened if it wasn’t meant to. So I am asking for forgiveness of my past and a miracle for my future. I pray that everything goes as planned and I am able to start soon. Please lord forgive me and continue to bless me. I am thankful for this amazing opportunity and I have faith in all things positive.

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