Prayer for new employment

by Tina (San Francisco, CA)

I lost my job in January of 2010. Since then I have been having trouble to get and keep a job. I had two jobs since then, but unfortunately I got discharged from both of them within short period of time for no real reason. I did not even get paid for my last job.

My husband is also currently not working and has serious health issues. We both have no health insurance and can barely pay our bills.

Please pray for both of us that we get a favor with God and that my husband and I get the jobs that we can keep and the health insurance soon. Also, please pray for my husband’s healing. Thank you.

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  1. A New Beginning

    I suffer from bi-polar disorder however I have held a job for 24 years thanks to GOD. I also was able with the help of GOD to get a masters degree in social work in 2005 however all of my experience is in the field of Recreation Therapy. I want badly to begin a new life as a social worker where nobody knows my mental health diagnosis. I have made too many mistakes to count in my personal life due to this illness. I am now re-establishing credit and determined not to make these mistakes again. I have much gratitude towards GOD for bringing me this far. I just want for someone to believe in my skills and allow me to transfer within the government where I already work but as a Social Worker. I have a license to practice social work but only within the Federal Government. I have decided the best course of action for me is to sit for the exam as a LMSW in the state of Kansas to enable me to either work part time as a social worker or get out of the government system all together. I will be meeting with a doctor in the next week to talk with her about the possiblities of me volunteering as a social worker to gain some much needed experience and I would appreciate any prayers from those who care to enable me to move forward with my career plans and excell in the field of social work. I feel I have much to offer and the fact I have Bi-plolar Type 1 enables me to better understand people diagnosed with mental health problems and the stigma attached to these diagnoses. I am not respected in my current position nor do I wish to stay in the state of Kansas or the midwest region. Please pray that I get out of the midwest into a job fitting for me and that I can utilize both my personal experiences and knowledge to gain employeement. I have been putting in multiple applications all over the map for over a year now but still nothing has come my way. I pray for those who stuggle in everyway and hope to God they are able to gain employeement in their feild of choice. Prayers going up today for all I know and have not had the privledge of knowing. Thank you, with much gratitude.

  2. Employment

    I will keep you in my prayers for employment. Don’t give up hope. God will bless you when you least expect it. He hears all of our prayers. Start to believe that he will help you and be thankful for what he has already blest you with.

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