Prayer for new beginnings

by Gavin (South Africa)

Dear Lord Almighty. You are the only one who knows my heart and the only one who knows my burning desire to live life according to your will.

I try but fail so many times to live a life where I can lay my head to rest at night knowing I have done no wrong. I pray to you Almighty Father that as I am writing this letter that you fill me with your love and power so that I can go forth and be a blessing to others.

I ask, I plea that you forgive me of all my sin and that I may forgive those who sinned against me. I pray that today is the start of a new way of living and that everthing that happened in the past is forgiven and forgotten.

May I be a good husband, father and friend that every thing I do is for your will only. O God I do not want to worry about my paste mistakes but rather give all my effort to do your will.

O Lord my God please place your blessing over me that I may start living again

Amen Amen Amen