Prayer for Needing direction and guidance

by M (Canada)

Father above, I bring my situation before you right now. I know I’m currently not living the life you’d like for me to and I want to fix that. I’ve been living with a guy for the past 11 years with two children (one of which is his). I’ve been unhappy for so long.

There’s been physical abuse in the past, and now it’s just taken on other forms and I’m broken and cannot take anymore. I want a better life for my children, I want a better life for me. I want to leave, but I have no way out financially. Please Lord, help me to find a suitable job that pays well enough so I can save to move from here to wherever it is you want me to be.

I know you have a bigger and better plan than anything that I might want. Grant me the patience I need to get through all of this, and courage to get out there on my own with my children. I know with you behind me, anything is possible. Thank you Jesus. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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