Prayer for Need

(Atlanta, GA)

I am praying for an increase in income. I am thankful and blessed to have a full-time job; however, this job is not supplying me with enough income to pay all bills on time. I am in a position to where I am borrowing and begging to pay my rent.

All I want is the ability to keep a roof over my kids head, clothes on their backs, shoes on their feet, and food in their mouths. I am worried that I will not have enough funds to cover their back-to-school expenses. I cannot afford to pay their child care expense. My phone is scheduled to be disconnected unless I can come up with the payment to keep it on. I am not asking for riches and an abundance of wealth, I simply want an easy, care-free life where I am not constantly worried that I may be evicted or my car repossessed.

There are many things that I am blessed to have such as my healthy beautiful kids and my own health, I am just tired of the struggle. Working hard everyday without enough money to take care of the basics can become stressful and overwhelming. I am patiently waiting on a breakthrough.

I am currently searching for part-time work so that I can supplement what I already have so that I can give my children what they need.

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