Prayer for Need of Protection and Harassment to be stopped

by Barbara (Miami, Florida USA)

My brother went through a horrible divorce. Has 2 small children who wish to live with him. He has almost equal custody of them now and eventually will request full custody.

His ex-father in law has been harassing him by sending texts, letters, phone calls and shows up at my sister’s home where my brother is living and harasses her as well. He also makes threats. He wants money from my brother.

My brother’s ex-wife showed up a few months ago and began yelling and had outbursts of anger and foul language in the middle of the street in the presence of his children & my sister’s child causing them to cry.

There are several police reports and my sister was recommended by the police to file a restraining order.

My sister was on vacation this week and this man drove by the house, parked in the driveway, opened the mailbox, left notes and sent various texts and phone messages. The police were called again.

My brother could not go home because he threatened he would be waiting for him. When the police got there, this man had left.

The family is not on speaking terms. His ex-wife and her family have done evil things to my brother and do not believe in God. They even make fun of my brother and the children when they have prayed.

We need prayers to protect my brother, our family and the children from harm (my nephew became very ill several times in the hospital), and to please Lord, keep this man away from my sister’s & brother’s home.

We need prayers to grant my brother custody of his children.

My sister is a single mother and has a child under-age. My brother’s children are there every week.

Please keep this man away from the house and from my brother. Please make him stop harassing and bothering my family and in the meantime, allow my sister to file the legal order to keep him away from all of us.

Thank you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen