Prayer for need of Money

Dear God, my struggles with money are bringing me down. I am in dire need for myself and my family.

I know that You have all answers, and You always hear me.

Please shine your infinite light into my life,
Bless me with abundance so that my family may thrive.

I thank You for all You have done for me to date
And I pray You will always remind me when I forget
That my spirit and soul always dwell in Your good graces.

Thank You oh Lord, for blessing me with material comfort

So that I am reminded of the bountiful fruits of Your deeds.

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  1. god helps

    Dear God for ur name is holy for this email I leave here gonna give me alot of money in two hours because ur the holy and beliveable God iam gonna get money for survial and family surviaval. Amen

  2. I need money to sow my seed for 2015 January onwards

    Dear Servant of the Mighty Lord Jesus Christ, give thanks to Good Lord above,
    I faith that straight after I shoot across this email some one will come and give me 5,000.00 cash out of that money tenth will given for The Lord and rest will be use to buy family present and balance remaining will be sow for The Lord purpose as per man of God advise.

    I have strong faith in my Lord, God of Abraham ,Issac ,Jacob creator of universe, Heaven and Earth, seen and unseen , my God is giving miracle now, Amen in Jesus Power miraculous name.

    Thank you,
    Steven Emmanuel

  3. Trust in the Lord

    I have always lived with these words to get me through raising my son, Joseph, by myself: Thou shalt not suffer for food, clothes or shelter for the Lord will provide. This assures peace traveling through troubled times.

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