Prayer for Need of Miracle With My Realtionship Healing

Dear GOD I pray that you send my boyfriend back to me reuniting me with the man I love and whom love me. I made a big mistake that I really need your help to fix. Please Lord Restore his love for me and his faith in our relationship. Bring him back to me, mend our hearts back together and fill it with love for each other. Forgive me for all I have done Jesus and allow him to forgive me so we may work through our relationship.

I pray and beg that you open your Holy ear and answer this prayer that I want Soo dearly. Look deep within me and my heart to see how sorry I am and how much I want to make this better, look deep within him to see that he really do love me and want to be with me so free him for all things thats stopping him for being with me and bring him back to me very soon please.

Allow him to see that I am the only young lady for him and he know that cause he love me. I pray that I am the only girl/young lady/woman in his life and he believe in this relationship just as much as me. I am extremely sorry and hope he realize that and come back to me so I can make it right and clear him of all his doubts.

I made a mistake that I need your help fixing Lord please believe in this relationship and answer my prayer. Understand that I made a mistake but I do deserve another chance because my heart is good and we been through so much not to fight thru this obstacle. Heavenly Father open your heart and Holy ears to hear and answer my prayer please.

Spread your healing hands over me and my partner and bless us while you restore love and faith that might have slipped away. Remove the pain and doubt and fill our hearts with nothing but love for each other. Hear my crying plea Lord Jesus and find it in your loving heart to help me fix my relationship and send my partner back to me very soon. I dont want nothing more than to have him back in my life so Lord please help me with this and heal my relationship.

My belief and faith still remain I know with you on the job I have nothing to worry about because you see my heart and will answer my prayer. They to receive you must claim it. So I claim Lord Jesus that you will answer my prayer and I will receieve my blessing, which is sending the love of my life back and allowing me to fix my mistake to work on my relationship. Heal our relationship and my partners faith in us Almighty GOD. I love you, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN

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  1. Prayers your way

    I will pray for you because I know exactly what you are feeling. I want the same exact thing. Lord help her partner find his way back to her loving heart, hear her plea as she is wiser and mend her broken heart

  2. There IS Hope for your marriage!

    I want you to know that without a doubt: There IS Hope for Your Marriage!

    Recently , I too found myself in a very desperate and hurt place because of the issues in my marriage. The Lord placed upon my heart to stand in the gap for my marriage, the only issue is that i didnt know HOW. So one night in all my pain and anguish i cried out to The Lord and He lead me to It gave me so much hope and showed me how to apply God’s principles to my life–not only for a restored marriage but a more solid foundation built upon Him. This site was such a pilar of encouragement with its free resources and restored marriage testimonies. The most valuable thing I devloped was a stronger Walk and Intimacy with The Lord. That is key! HE MUST BE FIRST! in everything! Delight in God and His Word and only then will He give you the desires of your heart–a restored marriage and family. I pray that you will take the time to check this site out. It will change you, your family and marriage forever….

    Let us Pray:

    “Dear Lord, please guide this special sister/brother during the trouble in her/his marriage. And her/his ears shall hear a word behind her/him saying, this is the way, walk here, when she/he turns to her/his right and when she/he turns to her/his left (see Isa. 30:21).

    “Please reassure her/him when she/he sees a thousand fall on her/his right side and ten thousand at her/his left; help her/him to know that if she/he follows You, it will not happen to her/him (see Ps. 91:7). Hide her/him under your protective wings.

    “Help her/him to find the narrow path that will lead her/him to life, the abundant life you have for her/him and for her/his family. Lord, I pray for a testimony that you can use for Your glory when this troubled or broken marriage is healed and restored! We will give You all the honor and the glory. Amen.”

    Check out:

    (HopeAtLast : add www. In the beginning and .com at the end)

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