Prayer for myself and my close online friend

Dear God thank you for this day you have given me, and thank you so much for answering my earlier prayers that have left me feeling fantastic. Dear God I know you can work your magic and I know you can listen to my thoughts. I pray to you now in hopes of you performing another miracle for me, and helping me getting in closer communication with my amazing online friend named C. I write their name as a letter on here, but God I know that you know the person I’m referring to, and you know everything that I want.

Dear God I pray to you that C and I will be in closer contact with each other, and I pray to you that the both of us can talk more and more during the day. Heavenly father I pray to you that we can reconnect in the best way possible. I pray that I no longer have to worry or get depressed because I can’t talk to C as much as I used to. Heavenly father I pray to you right now that I can keep in touch with my close online friend named C in the best way possible.

In Jesus name, amen.