Prayer for my yiayia

by Anonymous (Canada)

Dear God, please help my grandma. I know i do not deserve this help and I know i should not be requesting help but please help yiayia. Yiayia is so amazing and important for our lives. We are not ready to let her go. Please dont allow her to go like this.

Please allow us some more time. Please give us enough time to enjoy a frw more moments with her I promise not to take her for granted. I promise to be a big part of this recovery. I take responsability in helping yiayia feel better and recover. Please God i am scared we need you to watch our yiayia so that she can make it through this. I would like to speak to Ken and Pappous now. Please Pappous and Ken give us some more time with yiayia. We are not ready yet to let go of her. Please watch over her during surgery and stay with her after surgery i know she wants and needs you there. Please help our yiayia as you did when this happened three years ago. Yiayia is so strong and she wants to make it. We will all step up for yiayia and help her get better. We are all here for yiayia who has been so strong, caring and amazing to all of us. Please God having yiayia to care for gives me a hope that i can change and be a good person. I want to be better i want to treat mike better i want to be a good girl i want to be a nice girl please raise your healing hands and banish this Devil being that has come upon our lives and our family. Please cast him away and allow the angels of Pappous and Ken to watch her. Please God give me the tools and help to have patience compassion and cafing during this time of crisis.

Please God allow the Georgiopoulos family to come together in health and in peace to make this recovery speedy and as painless as possible. Please God i ask you to hear my prayers and i beg for fogiveness for my sick disgusting and perverse behaviour that i have been suffering from for years.

I beg you God to once again as always be here for the Georgiopoulos family who has strong faith and love for you. I beg for help for my entire family to join us together and have us work as one to succeed together in creating a peaceful and happy atmosphere and to aid in quick and speedy recovery for yiayia. God i would just like to say that I dont condone my disgusting behaviour and that i beg of you with your help to heal my sick head so i can be a better daughter, grandaughter , sister and girlfriend.

God you are good merciful and full of love we ask that you can be here for us and our yiayia voula. Thank you God in you we trust you failfull and loyal servents who are in need, the Georgiopoulos family.