prayer for my work and my boyfriend

by Aien (Mokokchung, Nagaland, India)

dear God, toady i am here cause you always had a purpose for me. After all those years you’ve put me in a position where i can impart my knowledge to others. being a Life skill mentor and a counselor to the students sometimes i wonder if i can do it. God i need your help. i want to be better so that i could do more. sometimes i am pulled back cause i wonder if i am not the doing the right thing. Father God Lord, please give me the knowledge and the understanding so through me the students will learn more about you and their life would turn out to be better. Father i pray for my boyfriend.. you know so well how different we are. he is a politician and i am a person who works more into ministry. Lord I’ve been praying for him since the day i meet him. I want us to work out. i Pray that he would come to a term where he would love you more and be closer to you lord. I pray that he would be honest, and i pray that his love for me is true. Lord, please help him to be a better, understanding person.. guide him in every work he do, Let him open his eyes so that he can see what you had set for his life. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me. I love you Lord. giving everything into you loving precious name i pray. Amen!!

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