Prayer for My Wife’s WellBeing

Dear God,

I ask for your urgent help in saving my marriage. Please let my wife see and understand how she is hurting our children and me. Let her see the destruction the devil is causing in our family and help her to change and come back to being the loving and caring woman she once was.

Every night she leaves home with our baby to go to her apartment and she is splitting our family apart by selfish desires to be alone.

God, I cannot stand the loneliness and lies any more. Transform her heart, remove her anger, allow her to forgive herself for the wrongs she did in the way you forgive her and I have forgiven her as well.

Father, I need her to come back to us and be a mother to her children and a wife to me as you have designed. Change her heart lord and bring a speedy resolution to this situation.

I thank you for the blessings and transformation God.