Prayer for My Wife’s healing

Dear Lord Jesus,

My Wife has severe ligament and muscle injury. She’s in severe pain and i really can’t take it. I can’t see her going through any pain. Pleaseeeeeeeee Lord, pleaseeeeee, cure all her muscle, ligament and all the unknown unseen injuries.. Lord, pleaseeeeeeeeee, give me all her pain, give me all her injuries, let me go through all her pain.

I Love My Wifeeeeee sooooo muchhhhh and i really pray for her to get healed completely. I don’t mind if i have to go through her pain, as to me, I can’t take it even if she’s in slight pain. Lord, pleaseeeeee give My Wife excellently good health, and pleaseee protect My Wife at all times and make sure that she’s always safe, sound, healthy and happy forever. Pleaseeeee Lord, give me all her pain and sufferings and give her all My Happiness and good health.


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