Prayer for my wife who is struggling to recover after her 2nd Brain Tumor removal surgery

by Choy Saan (Singapore)

My darling wife has undergone 2 major brain tumor surgery in the past 2 weeks and now struggling to survive the recovery. She is experiencing pain from brain pressure causing her acute pain and nausea. She has been unable to eat nor drink and the Doc is ordering another scan tomorrow to look at the options.

I pray that the scan turns out with a positive curable option and the Doc do have the knowledge and know how to treat her swiftly and painlessly leading to a full recovery post radiation treatment that needs to take place only after getting her back to a healthy state.

I have lost my faith since my mother lost her life to the same horrible decease but yet I choose now to renew my faith in God to cure my wife. I also pray to God that he relief the world of cancer so that no one needs to suffer the pain of this decease.

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