Prayer for My Wife to Be Healed

Dear God, I thank You for your blessings and for prayers that You have answered and beg You to answer those yet unanswered with a visible and powerful “yes.” Please, Lord, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, Love incarnate, please heal my wife, Meredith; please heal her now.

Command, I beg You, every infirmity, sickness, disease, and despair to leave her body immediately. Please, in the Holy Name of Jesus, please heal her now. Please do not take her from me; please do not take me from her. Please, God, please grant us a long, happy, and healthy life on Earth before You take us to Paradise. Please, O Lord, please grant us the miracle of perfect healing, of her body, mind, and soul. Please heal every atom in her body. Please extend Your mighty hand and destroy every instrument formed to harm her and harm me, whether it be formed through malice or neglect, intentional or unintentional.

Please give us back the wonderful health and happiness we shared on our wedding day and in New Zealand; please gift us, I pray, with at least 50 years together as husband and wife, letting us walk in Your grace in health and happiness. Please, Lord, restore us, in the Holy Name of Jesus I beg You, please restore us. Let the light of the Holy Spirit illuminate and heal our Earthly bodies just as it does our souls.

Please give her back her health; please restore her ability to eat and drink without difficulty; please command her blood pressure to stop falling; please command her body to be healed, just as You brought forth light from the darkness; please prevent any more crises from entering our lives. Please, God, in the Holy Name of Jesus, I beg You Lord, Creator, Heart, and Soul of the Universe. Amen.

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  1. VERY CONCERNED AND HEART BROKEN by her pain and suffering!

    I would gladly give my life in exchange for her to be completely well again and not to be going through all this pain and suffering,


    YOUR obedient servant


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