Prayer for my wife to be healed of her cancer and cirrhosis

All mighty father, I pray that it is your will that my wife is healed of her cancer and of the diseases that the cancer has created in her. I ask that you remove the tumors from her body as well as remove the swelling and and the jaundice within her.

Please Lord God we accept Jesus into our lives with open arms and ask for life everlasting in this life and in the next but wish to delay the holy union for awhile longer. Please have mercy on us and heal your servant.

Lord, there are many people that needs healing just as much as my wife and I ask for you to please enter into their lives and touch them Lord. Please heal the sick. Not only be with those that know you but also be with those that don’t know you so that may find Jesus and be accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven.

In Jesus’s Holy Name, Amen!