prayer for my wife to back home.

by Meekod (Us)

Heavenly Father thanks for everything I done wrong to my wife. You put us

together for some reasons Please send her back to this family. I can’t survive

without her . Every bad situation we are in that the evil plan ,Please forgive

me I want to see in face. You are the creature of marriage and my was sweet

to me , please change me so I will be able to accept her. give me a good job

so I can take care of her.My family need her presence . Prepare her and

send to our family.You all my situation. I’m suffering ,I’m very weak.I need her.Please Lord send back ,so we can glorify your precious name. I know you can do everything for your child . at this moment my time is it’s time for me to rejoice with her. you know marriage is for ever not for some days. Please I want her.

THANKS FATHER . I pray Amen, Amen, Amen.