Prayer for my wife not to file for divorce

by Jeff (Round Lake Beach, Ill)

Dear Lord,

I ask that u please soften my wife’s heart, Speak to her & let her know how much I love & need her in my life. I offer up my marriage to u Lord, I pray that you restore our union & to remove any evil influences & enemies of my marriage.

Speak to my wife & return her to our marriage, Speak to her in her thoughts, dreams & visions, Show her that divorce is NOT a solution & how we are one, flesh of my flesh & bone of my bone, that by divorcing me she is also divorcing God.

Let no man ruin what God has created, I am guilty for I have sinned by saying terrible things to her & not treated her 2 kids right….saying terrible things about them, but never did I mean any of it, She is undeserving of that & I love her with all of my heart & I fully repent of these sins, I will honor & respect her Lord, as I should….please let the healing begin Lord I pray!!!

Lord you are a tremendous & loving God & you have the power to help spouses reconcile. Though this may take a miracle, you are God & all miracles are possible through you.

You are the 3rd cord in our marriage, the bond or cord that holds all marriages together for u despise divorce, Through your holy unity we are married, Give me the wisdom to know how to honor, respect, & properly love the woman I love so much…give me the wisdom & patience to choose my words & actions carefully.

PLEASE Lord, show my wife the way home. This I pray, & for all of the others who are praying to save their marriages, may your will be done. You do not approve of marriage at all Lord, so help those of us that are reaching out to you with our hears & souls on our sleeves as we plead with you to save the marriages that we hold dear. Amen

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