prayer for my wife due to her age and family and friends

by Richard (Goshen Ohio)

Dear god I am 15 years older then my wife,she has left me many times due to her wanting to go out and party and cheat with other men.her family or her friends have never been there for her our her daughter unless it was to ruin our marriage so I ask everyone to pray to god for me to bring my wife and little girl back home to be a wife and a mother and give me the strength to learn how to keep her from running away all the time back to her parents I love her with all my heart and our little girl it so confused she is.6 years old and this year she has had 3 daddy’s in her life and I am her only daddy please help to bring them both home to me I love them and have faith that prayers are very strong I need all the help I can get.amen thank you for hearing my prayer our father