Prayer for My Wife and Mother

by Sam (Canada)

Oh Holy Father,

I come to you humbled, both from sin and anger that has brought my marriage to it knees.
I pray Jesus that she may find you, and that our son is not damaged by either of our sin.
That the infidelity in our marriage be but a past memory, and may your grace wash over us that we may love each other as you love us.

I pray that she leaves the man she replaced me with quickly after leaving, I pray that she finds God so that if she returns we are not unequally yoked.

I pray that the God of Abraham, Jesus the one who made all things new restores my family.

I come to you Lord in faith and with a broken heart, that you may take my burden and that I may take your yoke upon me. I give you this pain for I can bare it no longer.


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