Prayer for my wife and I to reconcile and be one again under the Lord Jesus christ.

by Bryan (Usa)

Dear lord I pray that you hear my plea not only the words from my mouth but also the words from my heart. You have shown me that you should be first in my marriage and that I should love my not take her for granted. Lord I know that i have taken her for granted and I know that’s why she has left me for another.

Father I pray the blood of Jesus over the reconciliation of this marriage. I pray the blood of me and stacie and that nothing harm us in anyway. I pray the blood of Jesus over any demon that may have her heart hardened towards me. Father you are the creator of man and woman the creator of my undying love for my wife. You are against divorce and in the blood of Jesus I ask that you heal this marriage and that you heal the broken heart I have and the hardened of hers so that we can be one again.

God you know the whole situation and you see all so please hear this plea and intervene in this situation. Father god I pray for this other man that you show him that’s it’s not ok to seek my wife and it’s not ok to wanna come and take her family. Father in the blood of Jesus I command that he would turn from my wife and tell her to reconcile with her husband. Lastly good I pray over all your will be done not mine. If it’s your will for stacie and I not to be together then take this hurt this pain and this pit out of my stomach to let me know to move on.

If it’s your will for stacie and I to be together then father god I ask you make it be as I am hurting so bad. I pray this prayer with the blood of Jesus your son on my side and in Jesus previous mighty and holy name Amen!!!!

If anyone reads this prayer please I beg that you pray for me and my situation there is something evil working here and it needs to be gone. Thank you and God bless.

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