Prayer for my whole family especially my Mom

by Kristy (Utah)

Dear God, in your son Jesus name, please protect and keep my Mother safe. My Brothers have addiction issues that have literally destroyed our family. My Mom works 2 jobs at 83 after a heart attack and they use her money and put so much horror on her while on the pills and as the baby girl, only girl, I feel like I am weak and cannot save her.

They are too strong and the addiction has overtaken them. I was so positive always and my moms light and I feel I have failed her since they are destroying her life and I can’t stop it. I have been taking care of them when they are sick from running out of their meds for 28 years and we also have my Husbands Father with us while I keep my family problems away from my marriage to keep the peace at home and not be a burden to my Husband.

We were a good Christian family and I pray every day for help. It takes two or more, so maybe God has not heard me when I pray alone. The doctors will not listen and every time they prescribe the drugs to my Brothers, they abuse them and my Mom. I was so strong but want to die now as I know at least she will get my insurance policy.

I have a great Husband and take care of his Father who lives with us but my family has always been a secret because he is hard on them when I tell him anything. Please if anyone hears me, I have so much to give the world and can’t because of this trauma everyday. I will love forever anyone who hears this and puts their hands together for us. I would sacrifice my life for my Mom in a minute, so please ask to put it on me and save her and heal my brothers. I have no children at 53 and my Husband would be better off without this even though I have always been there for him. Thank you so much if anyone hears this request but I am ashamed to admit I have lost all hope. I work 12 plus hours every day running 17 Christian radio stations and my Mom works 2 jobs at 83 to pay their drug bills at the doctor. I want her with me as we are the only ones that are financially stable but she feels they will be on the street and since she is a Mom I understand but I am starting to hate them and that is not me. We have no one to turn to, so anyone that sees this, I will owe you eternally if you say a prayer for my beautiful Mom Shirley and for the healing of my family. God bless anyone who places their hands together for us for I will love you as my Brother and Sister in Christ for all of eternity.

God bless each and every one of you and thank you for trying for us. I know we all have problems but maybe we can help each other like we are supposed to do. Thank you soon much if you even read this. In Christ’s love, I surrender myself to him again tonight and hope my a mom can finally have her peace.

This world is in a horrible battle and I am afraid evil is now winning. How sad for God to watch how weak we have become. I pray everyone here also gets the love from God they need. Thank you form the bottom of my heart to whoever sees this.

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