Prayer for My Wayward Husband

After 10 years of marriage I found out that my partner has been unfaithfull and has now fathered a child out of that affair with someone I thought was my friend. I have forgiven her and excepted the child although we are no longer friends. She is also working in the same place of work and fellowship at the same church.

My husband has no consideration for my feelings and visits her daily “in order to see the child”, also communicates whenever and how ever he wants as I have no say in anything concerning this child and also get excluded openly. He also takes our children to her house and spends anything from an hour or two there not considering how I feel.

Please pray that God will open his eyes and that he will live a God fearing life and that our marriage, intimacy and trust will be restored and that all soul ties will be cut off in Jesus Name. I pray that he will hearken to his calling as he is a pastor by calling but cannot walk in his calling as he is not living right.

Thank you I am also standing in the gap for other ladies with similar issues.

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