Prayer for my upcoming examination

by Hannah (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Dear St. Jude,

I am humbly asking your gracious help for my upcoming NCLEX examination. Please give me strength to overcome my anxiety and take away all my doubts regarding the exam.

Oh, St. Jude, give me wisdom in order for me remember all the lessons thay I have reviewed. This examination is very important for my dear God as a gift to my parents for their undying support and sacrifices, for all my loved ones who never get tired of praying for my success. And also for you Lord, for giving me so much blessings in life that I’m forever indebted and grateful for.

Oh, gracious God please hear my prayer, please grant my wish to pass my exam for me to be a successful registered nurse. Lord I offer you my life and I will forever praise and believe in your power. This I ask through Jesus Christ your son, our Lord Amen.

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