Prayer for my twin sister Elizabeth aka Lizard

by Kat (Indiana)

Elizabeth is the nicest person you will ever meet!!! She always puts her self second.

Elizabeth had a terrible accident Four months ago, an attic door fell and hit her in the head. She had double whiplash, a concussion and know we have found out she has two bulging discs in her neck along with a swollen facet joint! She has had a constant migraine with body aches for the past four months…medicine doesn’t even work. The virtigo is getting better, but I can see every day that she is in pain. She has gone thru so much in the past five years ( 5ankle surgeries, gall bladder surgery, appendix surgery)and a divorce. She never complains, not once…but as her twin I can see her pain and it kills me, I always have been able to make her better, but this is too big to do on my own!!! I need everybody’s help, I need her to see that she will be ok and that everything will work out!!!