prayer for my troubled heart

by Susie (El Paso Tx)

Dear Lord, please hear my prayer i have been struggling with this for a very long time now. The person i love keeps playing mind games with me and i dont know if i should believe is he is being real. Lord you know i wasnt perfect in our relationship and i did as much harm to him as he did to me. In my heart Lord you know how many times i prayed for a oppotunity to get it right with him. I wish and pray for nothing more than that. I want to believe him and know he wants me as much as i want him. But doubt creeps back into my head and seeinh that he hasnt changed really scare me. I need your guidance Lord if we are meant to be let us be if not give me the strenght to let go of the idea that it could work. Lord i dont understand why he keeps looking for me of he really does love me Lord help us not have any more misunderstandings and ppl comming between us. Please take away all the people who may not want to see us together. Lord please guide me in this area of my life i feel like i have no control over i keep following my heart and it all leads to him. Lord please hear my prayer i leave it in your hands Lord only you know whats meant for me. I love him Lord so much and its been hard Lord you know what we went thru Im scared i might have to let him go but i dont want too Lord i really pray you give us another oppotunity Lord but its in your handa i will trust your will even if it hurts my earthly heart. In your holy name i pray Amen

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