Prayer for my troubled and defiant child

My son is 12 yrs old. I am a single parent. My son’s father has been in prison since I was 8 months pregnant with him.

My son has been acting out since he was 2 yrs old. He has always been hyper and misunderstood, he has now become increasingly defiant and disrespectful to teachers throughout his childhood and now, me.

I do my best with him but nothing seems to get through. Please pray for my child to calm down and be at peace. Let him see that a change is needed.

He has such a sweet, good heart, but he is so troubled. I try and try. I don’t want to lose him to prison or the grave. Please pray also for me.

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  1. Defiant

    I too have a defiant child. I pray in agreement that God will move in both our childens life. The teachers and school and turn them over to children that should not belong in the school, but Lord, I pray in Jesus name the you will work a mircle in their lives this week that will show the teachers and school adminstration that the power of the Lord is over their lives. I pled the blood of Jesus over these children. Help their mind and actions, give them peace and calmness.


  2. Wayward Son

    Dear Abba
    Thank You for hearing the desires of our hearts. Father, please remove anypast generational sins of past family members. We plead the blood of Jesus over this son. Give this mother patience and guidance to help rear this child. Place positive male influences in his life. In Jesus name we pray..amen

  3. Pray for Ashley

    Please pray for my teenage daughter Ashley. Her father has mentally abused her since she was 9 years old, he has pitted her against me and he has put hate into her heart. She has done serious drugs that have landed her in the psych. ward and she is deeply troubled. I am her mother who hasn’t spoken with her since Oct. 2017. She has lied to protect her father and he put her In the middle of our divorce to go against me. God sees ALL things, pray I can get my custody back so Ashley can get to know God as her lord and savior. She is so troubled and hurt. God please save her from destruction and early death before her time.

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