Prayer for My Trials

(ST. Pete, fl)

Lord help me during this rough trial I ‘m facing. It’s really hard right now and I know we living in some trying times, but I ask you Lord to bless me with peace as I go through this trial and tribulation. Sometimes my mind is so cloudy and I feel like I can’t get through these bumps in my path, but you are the Lord and I know through you ALL things are possible and nothing is to little or to big for you. So I give you my burdens Lord and ask that you continue to grant me the strength to carry on, the guidence to know what’s right for me and my family, and the courage to go through it all. Lord I want to do your will and ask that you use me to do what you need me to do. I ask for all to help pray for me and my family to grow my strength into the Lord as I pray for you! May God bless you all AMEN