Prayer for My Three Little Grand babies

by Patti (Iowa)

To My Dessi, To My Liam, To My Rielley, Your Gramma, Grampa, And Dad, Loves You, You Three Miracle’s are our lives. Please God bless Our Family, and be Reunited as a Family. Hear our cries o lord.!!! Gramma P is dying inside. I can’t believe it is Happing. My Son , Your DAD , And You Three kids Deserves The best , Not what is happing.! Your Dad s brother died at a early age. Please God !!! Don’t Take My Only joys in life I have left. Please hear my cries! You know lord of the Truth, ! Give this Gramma, A piece of Mind, And The Joy of pitter patter of little feet. Watching them grow, …

I am going to keep praying for Your Dad, My Son to watch you grow, Thank you lord for giving me the joy of what I have. And all the joy of living day to day. Please help me