Prayer for my teenage son for a healed mind, heart, and soul.

by Claudette (San Diego)

Dear lord, I pray that you please cleanse my teenage son’s mind and soul and help him to think clear again, and to feel life again. Please help him to feel happy again and not have an empty soul. Please remove distorted delusions. Please let him know how much you love him and please keep him away from evil spirits.

Please give him the strength and will to live and know his worth. Please guide him to complete the mission that you have for him here on earth. Please let him know that he is loved and that he can trust in you always. Amen.


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  1. I pray for your son

    I pray for you son my sister/brother.
    May the lord hear your plea of help and may St. Jude the patron of the lord advocate your sons cry for help.
    I have a teenage daughter too. I pray for strength for you as parent to be there for him hen he need you the most as the lord will use us as vessels to deliver his love.
    Don’t be discourage and do not lose hope.
    In the name of the God, holy spirit and St. Jude the patron of the Lord Jesus.

  2. God Bless your son in Jesus' name

    I will pray for your son. I , too, have a son who needs to find direction and feel the warmth and peace that only God can give. I will pray for your son and for my son. I am sure that God understands and I have faith that they will somehow,some way find peace in His glory.

    God Bless you as a caring mother. Your son is very blessed already just to have you in his life. I pray that God takes away your anxiety and that everything will come together peacefully on the path that God has set for both of our sons. Don’t give up hope. There are others that feel like you do. I am sending a smile and a ray of sunshine your way with my request and prayer for Peace.

  3. I do pray for your son

    I pray that your sons and my grandson will become the men that they were put on this earth to be. My grandson has been struggling sense the day that he was born, and it didn’t help that he had an abusive father either. My daughter got him and his brother away and his brother is ahead in his life but our DeAngelo is still struggling. Please pray for him and I will also be praying for all of our broken children that they may be made whole in Jesus name I pray. Amen

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